martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

In Mexico the first 60 minutes after a kidnapping are the most crucial. Read this article and plan ahead.


John Reed

I have learned in life that the most important time frame in every crises is the first hour after an emergency. The post 60-minutes determines how a situation will unfold. The statement that I have just made was confirmed in the life of a person whose family member was recently kidnapped here in Mexico.

Organized crime was behind the kidnapping of JAVIER (not the real name of the person).  The kidnappers bulldozed into his house while his family was present and dragged him into a vehicle.  This was not your standard Mexican kidnapping as most kidnapping in this country occur while you are on the move and out of your surroundings. The fact that the kidnappers bulldozed into his house makes this a different situation all together.

His family was completely in shock knowing that they could not trust the local authorities. Fear totally gripped the family and here is where the first 60 most precious minutes after the kidnapping were lost in indecision.

The reason organized crime in Mexico is strong is because it is ORGANIZED while the general population is not. Cool heads must prevail in a moment such as this and controlling personal emotions are the order of the day.  

For those reading this article, I would ask you to write an operational procedure on what you would do if something like this happened to your family. Does your family know what to do if you yourself were kidnapped?

Like the saying goes, "A bad plan is always better than not having a plan."

And if any Zeta is reading this article, do not even try to locate my ISP; do you not think I would voice out my opinion without having a plan?


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  1. Why haven't you written anything in six months?

  2. ABC15 in Phoenix is airing a story tonight at 10 p.m. regarding a mother who kidnapped her son to Mexico. You should check it out