viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

My Outrage at the killings of two elderly American missionaries in Nuevo Leon, Mexico


John Reed

Americans are dying in the war on drugs. Nothing new, right? I was not referring to Americans dying in the United States, they are dying in Mexico. John and Wanda Casias were not tourists, they were not vacationers or winter birds seeking retirement. The Casias were two elderly missionaries attempting to make a difference in the northern state of Nuevo Leon where they were found strangled in their homes.  John Casias was found dead with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck.

I am not a missionary, but I am an American living in Mexico who is making a difference in the community where I have been living close to a decade.  No one has forced us to live in Mexico, we do so on our own accord. We acknowledge that back home, whether New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, violence is everywhere and death could come from anywhere.  However John was 76 years old and his wife Wanda was 67 years old.

They were senior citizens!

These were not "collateral damage" deaths in a drug war, they were a direct consequence of it. Surely one of the drug cartels or organized crime simply could not deal with the message of change that they preached. A message where Jesus Christ forgives sins and transforms lives. A message that God wants a better life for all of us, a life of cleanliness, purity and holiness.

The deaths of John and Wanda Casias were not murders, they were better than that - they are martyrs.  One thing history teaches us is that when one martyr is killed 10 others spring up to take their place. It happened at the Coliseum in Rome during the Roman persecution and it is happening all over the world now.

John and Wanda knew for whom they were dying, I pity the hell bound thugs that killed these missionaries for they have never held convictions like the Casias.

Organized crime thought that by killing the Casias they would kill what they had in their heart.  You cannot kill Jesus because he resurrected from the death and surely he will be waiting for the murderers of John and Wanda Casias.

That day is called JUDGEMENT DAY. I pray that the killers find grace and mercy prior to that day.

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