lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

56-year old British National killed in Colima, Mexico

Reporting From Mexico

John Reed

I realize that foreign nationals die in every country of the world so that fact that a British national was killed this weekened in Colima, Mexico should not be scandalous, right?


I did not have the honor of knowing 56-year old Michel Ventura Pishgord; I do not know what his profession was or what he was doing in Mexico.  What I do know is that he had been living in this country for a long time; he had a Mexican family and was involved in several business ventures.  I also know that he had already obtained Mexican citizenship, so this leads me to believe he probably was going to live out his life here in Mexico.

It was the manner of his death that is saddening. He fought the attacker that was attempting to carjack him. Obviously he did not succeed as he was shot defending his property.

Here is the link concerning this tragedy:

What makes me upset about this senseless death is how many Mexicans try and even go as far as to verbally attack anyone who speaks about the violence here.  The other day I wrote an article about 7-Americans that had been killed during the Christmas holidays.  I received a tweet from @nowarmilitiamx telling me that Americans are safe in the Mayan Rivera, Baja and Mexico City area.

How stupid can that remark be?

There are 31 states in Mexico and to try and tell me that Americans are safe in about 10 of those 31 states is like saying that drugs only kill you if you over do it.

Until Mexicans completely come to terms with the fact that their country is one of the most dangerous in the world, solutions will be found.  You would think that with close to 50,000 deaths and 13,000 disappearances that those statistics would tell you that the violence is EVERYWHERE.

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