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Reason why I will not vote for Mitt Romney, an opinion from an American in Mexico


John Reed

I have been living here in Mexico close to a decade and although far from home, I have never disconnected from my Republican Party roots.  I have been watching attentively from this side of the Rio Grande each and every debate and just when I was about to be sold on Mitt Romney - I drastically changed my mind.

Do you know why?

No, it has nothing to do with his investments. 

No it has nothing to do with his time as governor of Massachusetts.  

No, it has nothing to do with his voting record. No, it does not even have to do with the fact that he is a Mormon.

So where does my problem with Mitt Romney lay?

The ungratefulness of Mitt Romney and the lack of willingness to acknowledge that Mexico opened its arms to his family event though  his family had violated the law back in the United States.

As the video above clearly explains, Mitt Romney's grandfather arrived from Utah in a caravan of Mormons that practiced polygamy to Chihuahua, Mexico.  Polygamy had been outlawed 20-years prior to Romney's grandfather self-exile from the United States. Yet, Mexico received them with open arms and allowed them to establish a colony.

Did the Romney caravan have to get in line to apply for legal immigration in Mexico?

Where they not criminals in the United States that had violated federal law for several decades?

Yet they arrived in Mexico where Mitt Romney's father was born. Although his father at age 5 returned to the United States, due to the violence of the Mexican revolution, a large majority of the Romney family stayed behind in Mexico until this day.

I can tolerate many things in a person but ungratefulness is one I cannot tolerate.

Had Mexico not accepted Mitt Romney's family two generations ago, they would have become felons in the United States and never would there family had achieved the political prominence it achieved.

I have been living in Mexico for a decade and I am grateful because I have been allowed to prosper financially in this nation.

Romney will not have my vote.

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