lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

SPYPEOPLE Mexico confirms their withdrawal from ANONYMOUS Latin America


John Reed

I don't think ANONYMOUS in Latin America started 2012 the way they had expected, as one of its major players in Mexico has separated - SPYPEOPLE.  If you are unfamiliar with SpyPeople, this is the group that launched #OpCarreterasseguras, an operation to bring international and national focus on the dangers that bus passangers face in Mexico.  Their operation caused havoc in 33 government, bus companies and insurance websites across Mexico in a 24-hour period.

Here is the link where the DAILY DOT confirms the success of the operation:

International and Mexican media covered the event.

Today, I received a Direct Message from SpyPeoplePrensa, their spokesperson, with a link to their press release announcing their new mission and objective.  Although SpyPeoplePrensa does not give a list of grievances, I did research through the TWITTER feed what Anonymous members in Latin America thought.  I noticed their was a one-way backlask against IberoAnon, a self-appointed leader of a leaderless organization.  Numerous Anons, as they are known, twitted their complaints towards this particular figure.

I did request an interview with SpyPeoplePrensa through twitter.  It the interview is granted, I will report on this subject. As for now, SpyPeople is showing a form of professionalism that I am not used to see in Anonymous Latin America.

Below is the official press release from SpyPeople

SpyPeople Officially Separates from ANONYMOUS

Life is made up of several stages; each one intended to provide positive growth expectations.  SpyPeople is not the exception as we officially affirm our separation from ANONYMOUS in Mexico effective immediately.

Today, SpyPeople as an independent organization with a new mission and objectives consolidates itself as a well run with a disciplined leadership as well as members.  This is a departure from the Anonymous mentality, where everyone does as they see fit without efficient leadership.

What is SpyPeople’s proposal to make Mexico a better country?

SpyPeople’s mission is to defend the Mexican people from human right abuses through technology, peaceful protests and strategic alliances with other human right groups that share our own ideals and values.

Our new objective is human rights.

How will SpyPeople reach its objectives within its Mission Statement?

1.    Through technology as we were operating in Anonymous but with two variants.
2.    Peaceful protests as we will establish cell groups in each of the 31 states inMexico as well as the Federal District.
3.    Strategic Alliances with lawyers, doctors, academics, working groups, celebrities and human right groups such as SpyPeople.

What is the difference between SpyPeople and other cyber groups in Mexico?

“SpyPeople activates people in order to fight corruption”

To change Mexico we have to “ACTIVATE” our people into taking the first step, by creating an need to work towards change.  However when our people “ACTIVATE” themselves, the main focus should be directed against the corruption that permeates our nation.

Corruption is what generates the human right abuses against the population.

It is for this reason that SpyPeople has officially separated itself from Anonymous in order to achieve our own mission and objectives; our departure is effective immediately.


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