lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Confirmed by Coahuila Governor Ruben Moreira - 1,600 disappearances in border state


John Reed

It is not often that a Mexican governor is as candid as Coahuila's Governor Ruben Moriera was last week when he admitted that amount of disappearances in his state - 1,600.  I hope my readers will allow that number to sink in a little bit more.

1,600 people in the BORDER STATE OF COAHUILA, border state with the UNITED STATES have disappeared in the current drug war.  

What would happen if in Texas or Arkansas 1, 600 citizens were to disappear?

The American people would not stand for it, yet here in Mexico people have become used to statistics of death and killings as if they were scores between two sports team.

This is not Iraq nor Afghanistan - it is Mexico.

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