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#OpHiroshima Directory of Paste Bins - Another Attack by ANONYMOUS last night at midnight


John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: Just because I live in Mexico doesn't mean I am not aware of what is going on back home in the states. Two weeks ago, I was one of the first blogs to write on #OpHiroshima.  No, I am not a member of Anonymous and neither do I get paid to write about them.

I simply comment on current news and although this news item is strictly U.S,. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that #OpHiroshima will have ramifications in other parts of our globe. 


#OpHiroshima was a protest against censorship on the Internet.  I questioned this form of operation because with the amount of dumping that Anonymous did last night, it will further fuel the fire from governments and the general public that some mechanisms must be put in place.

I, for one, am against censorship. However my mother always told me that the greatest enemy in life is not your neighbor, nor your community nor the one that hates you - it is you, yourself the greatest enemy you have.  The greatest enemy an Internet user has is from another Internet user, and in this case, the greatest enemy a hacker has is another the doing of another hacker.

I am just one voice so don't pay me mind, but more often than not, I am usually right.

Meanwhile, let's go ahead and survey the damage that #OpHiroshima did last night as the world welcomed 2012.

The following below was posted on the twitter feed by Anonymous.

 #Op Hiroshima

Ladies and gentlemen of the great world wide web, it is our great pleasure to present to you for your educational and viewing pleasure …. Operation Hiroshima.
The beginning of the New Year now begins officially. It is now, at this very moment people all across the nation and in other countries perhaps a matter of hours difference, are celebrating the turning of a new year and with it the hope for a new start whatever that may be.  
However, a new start is not the same as a clean slate, now is it?
But in every situation there is ALWAYS a leveraging factor.  Let the information dump commence.
We still run this.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
We’re Sure You Expected This.

*********  everyone start spreading around this information as well as any you have accumulated. Spread as far as the web goes ********

#OpHiroshima LBPD Dox:

#OpHiroshima Archimede Global (This is a special file we would like to share about a tech company who have a very interesting business model):  they are military intelligence
who are covering up as software companies involving alot of serious people doing alot of serious things.there staff consists of almost exsclusively military intelligence and their companies are vauge and unheard of.

#OpHiroshima NDAA Senators:

#OpHiroshima Dox of Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes:

#OpHiroshima NYSE: SRZ:

Oakland Police Dox:

Boston PD Phone Numbers:

Liam O’Grady Dox:

Mayor Ralph Becker:

Cali Leak:

Cali Leak (cont.)

Cali Leak (cont. 2)

FBI Director:

New York Governor Dox:
NYPD Commisioner and executive:

Mayor Bloomberg:

OWS Wave 5:

Michael Stallman:

Orrin Hatch:

Adam Schiff SOPA:

Connie Mack SOPA:

Mary Bono Mack:

Get To Know The PERF:

Detaining Americans Pt. 1:

More dox available @




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