viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

For less than $11,000 USD you can spring out 3 prisoners from a Mexican prison

Reporting From Mexico

John Reed

It costs $150,000 pesos to spring out three people from a Mexican prison, which amounts to $10,980 USD at today's going rate. By American standards this is a "steal", no pun intended.  This is what happened in the Prison Center at Puente Grande where the amount mentioned was paid in order to facilitate the prison escape.


Yes, a three ton truck with paint and remodeling supplies was allowed into the prison, it was here that the prisoners left the facility.  The money paid made the escape an automatic success.

Corruption is the essence of what Mexico is currently facing.

The following is the link to the Spanish media that reported the prison escape and the amount of money that was paid:

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