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ANONYMOUS kept their word and cyber attacked Mexican government and Bus Companies #OpCarreterasseguras #Saferoads

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: Some sort of revolution is happening before our eyes here in Mexico, a cyber revolution in which the people are attempting to make themselves heard as a third party in a five year war.  

Last night at midnight, ANONYMOUS kept their word of cyber attacking Mexican government websites and bus companies if their demands were not met in #Opcarreterasseguras or #Saferoads in English.  We, the independent media, got a front seat view of the attack as we read twitter traffic.

Several bus companies such as "Autobuses de Oriente" got uprooted. Later, the well known ING insurance company here in Mexico got hit as well as the "Secretaria de Seguridad Publica", which is like a national police force.  During the day several other sites including CANACINTRA, which is a government site as well as several municipalities got hit.

I enclose for our readers the following press release from ANONYMOUS concerning #OpCarreterasseguras or #SafeRoads in English



ANONYMOUS Bus Company Targets for
#OpCarreterasSeguras (#SafeRoads)

December 10, 2011

We, ANONYMOUS, are implementing exactly at midnight #OpCarreterasSeguras (#SafeRoads) in order to affirm our demands as stated by video and in writing in the following link:

We also have provided evidence to affirm that our Mexican citizens as well as Central American migrants transiting through Mexico as bus passengers are facing kidnappings and rapes:

As of this moment we are speaking on behalf of those you have ignored.  #OpCarreterasSeguras is  focusing  on the following three bus companies for our cyber attack:

1. TRANSPAIS with the following coverage map in one of the most violent states such as Tamualipas:

2. ESTRELLA BLANCA with the following coverage map in 27- Mexican states:

3. AUTOBUSES DEL ORIENTE with the following coverage map in 13-Southern Mexican states:

We are also attacking several insurance companies as well as government websites, but we will allow the press to do their investigative reporting in order to report on it.


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