miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

European Union condemns Mexico for the disappearances, attacks and killing of activists


John Reed

It was very commendable that the European Union delegation in Mexico condemned the disappearances, attacks and killing of activists such as were the cases of   Norma Andrade, Eva Alarcón, Marcial Bautista, Nepomuceno Moreno and Trinidad de la Cruz (http://www.jornada.unam.mx/ultimas/2011/12/21/18121409-condena-la-ue-en-mexico-ataques-desapariciones-y-asesinatos-de-activistas).  
However the same European Union that condemns Mexico is the same Union that benefits itself from doing business with this country.  

It simply does not make sense.

Although resolving the insecurity issue in Mexico is responsibility of the Mexican government, since they allowed the build-up to happen for so long, the international community could "persuade" Mexico to resolve it.



The Zapatista uprising in the 90's quickly came to end because it was not in the interest of the Mexican government to be the focus of both the Americans and Canadians as NAFTA came into effect.  The same should be happening here in this particular situation.

If the Europeans are going to point a finger at Mexico, it should be willing to be a part of the solution and not simply point out the problem.

We all know what the problem is, we do not need another group of nations to tell Mexicans that they have a problem. 

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