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Video demands from ANONYMOUS to the Mexican Government and Bus Companies for #SafeRoads #Opcarreterasseguras December 10th

Anonymous Video of demands for #SafeRoads

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: Sunday night "Anonymous" released their video of demands to the Mexican government and Mexican bus companies in order to explain why the collective hackers will strike on December 10, 2011.  As this video was released, on their site the script of the video was released for English language media.

This form of professionalism by a Mexican group is admirable, we will continue to report on this interesting news item.  We post the script of the video as published by "Anonymous" on their site.
Our Demands to the Federal, State & County governments of Mexico and to the Bus Companies which operate thousands of buses in the nation
(our video demands may be seen )

Government of Mexico and bus companies that provide transportation on Mexican highways, we direct ourselves to you so that you may solve a grave injustice that you have allowed for several years.

In México we have two classes of citizens, those that have and those that do not have. Nothing is further from the truth when it comes to travel through out the country.
Only five percent of Mexicans travel by airplane for economic reasons.  This five percent receives from the Mexican government, and the airlines, each and every safety and security guarantee accorded by law.  It is for this reason that passengers on Mexican airlines are not kidnapped, raped or robbed since every security procedure has been implemented.

However when it comes to Mexicans that cannot afford air travel, but must travel by bus through our highways, these same safety and security procedures are non existent.  Therefore, the Mexican bus passenger faces kidnapping, rape and robbery on his own highways. 

The bus companies as well as the Mexican authorities have decided to pursue a strategy of silence in order to avoid financial losses and minimize a tarnished image in other countries

But this must end.

On December 10th, we ANONYMOUS, will remind the bus companies and the Mexican government about their obligations to the bus passengers through #SafeRoads in English.  We will speak for those that have not been heard.

We have five demands for the bus companies and the Mexican government: 

1. All buses, regardless of company, route, or line, should travel on toll highways. This should reduce criminal acts directed against bus passengers, providing a safer environment.

2. All buses should install a GPS locator system that will aid in locating the bus at any time in the event of a kidnapping.

3. All buses should install a real-time camera and silent alarm with a double backup system, one which transmits in real time and which will be constantly monitored, and the other which records all activity within the bus at all time. In the event of a kidnapping or unauthorized stop, the silent alarm can be activated and the camera will show and record the person or persons responsible.

4. A bus marshal will be placed on each bus, whether a specially trained security guard or a member of the Armed Forces, to aid in keeping passengers safe and as a deterrent to possible criminal activity.

5. We demand that as unarmed civilians, in a declared war between the government and criminal factions, all citizens of Mexico and those foreigners traveling on Mexican soil, be held under the articles of the Geneva Convention, and as non-combatants, be granted the immunities and humanitarian treatment so outlined in said treaties.

These are our demands and until they are met we will continue to pursue operation #SafeRoads in various phases. 

Why should we have to be making demands on both the bus companies and the Mexican government, are their hugh salaries and bulky Christmas bonuses not enough for them to protect the people?

These demands are not negotiable and should be implemented immediately.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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