miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

STRATFOR is not a "Shadow CIA" Organization, plain stupidity

Reporting From Mexico

John Reed

The Anonymous hit on STRATFOR during Christmas has the main media buzzing, especially because STRATFOR has been branded as the "SHADOW CIA" organization.  Actually, I did not brand them with that label but rather the following U.K. online media publication:

First of all, out of respect for the CIA, STRATFOR is not a "SHADOW CIA" organization because if it were they would have known, free of charge, that they were going to be hacked by Anonymous.


A free service called TWITTER.  

For crying out loud, just by reading the TWITTER feed for the last week everyone knew the several Anonymous Operations were about to go online. It is not like they keep things secret from people.  All one has to do is sit and read the TWITTER feeds.  I even wrote an article about the upcoming #OpHiroshima to no avail.

Concerning STRATFOR, I have seen their videos about Mexico; I cannot imagine that they are intelligence experts since every analysis they provide about Mexico is way of course.

As an American living in Mexico, I live smack in the middle of Zeta terroritory, they would not know what really is happening in this country unless it were reported in the media.

If STRATFOR were a "SHADOW CIA" organization, would they not know how to encrypt their files?


Plain stupidity.

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