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Ciudad Juarez Newspaper slanders ANONYMOUS Mexico on #Opcarreterasseguras and hacking of former Presidente Fox, 24 hours later newspaper reclarifies


John Reed

It all happened very quickly.

Saturday ANONYMOUS MEXICO attacked 33-websites across Mexico targeting government and bus companies in order to bring attention to the rapes and kidnappings that bus passengers face on Mexican highways.  The Mexican press as well as U.S. media reported the cyber attack.  However Sunday, after midnight a strange article was posted by "EL DIARIO MX NACIONAL" of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Why strange?

Their article stated that the Vicente Fox Presidential Center reported that ANONYMOUS hacked into their computers and placed adult porno content on their screens. It stated that former President Vicente Fox decried this power abuse. The Juarez Newspaper stated that the hacking was part of #Opcarreterasseguras or #Saferoad.  EL DIARIO MX NACIONAL link is provided.

So, why would this be strange?

The original article was posted by EL UNIVERSAL, which is the leading newspaper in Mexico, equivalent to the New York Times in prestige here.  Their article mentioned that the Vicente Fox Presidential Center computer system was hacked but it never mentioned ANONYMOUS or that it was part of #Opcarreterasseguras #Saferoads.  

ANONYMOUS MEXICO immediately issued a press release denying that they hacked the Vicente Fox Presidential Center; furthermore, exposing that EL DIARIO MX NACIONAL had tampered with the article and inserted their name and their operation when the original EL UNIVERSAL article had not. The ANONYMOUS MEXICO press release link is below:

This morning EL DIARIO MX NACIONAL posted an article on their site "Envía Anonymous correo a El Diario: rechaza haber ‘hackeado’", in English "ANONYMOUS Emails The Daily Rejecting Hacking Accusation".

EL DIARIO MX NACIONAL posted parts of the email that was sent by an Anonymous spokesperson.  The email was well written and rejected the accusations by stating that Vicente Fox, a former president, was never a cyber target.  The Juarez newspaper simply stated that they posted what the EL UNIVERSAL had posted, however EL UNIVERSAL never had ever mentioned ANONYMOUS MEXICO or #Opcarreterasseguras #Saferoads.

However being an American living in Mexico for a decade, EL DIARIO's posting and statement is as close as an apology that a Mexican media will ever give. In Mexico it is almost non-existent for media to print a retraction. It is in my opinion that EL DIARIO realized that somewhere it had committed an error and by posting ANONYMOUS Press Release, they somehow cleared the situation. In the article, EL DIARIO went as far as printing the official ANONYMOUS blog address of #Opcarreterasseguras #Saferoads, almost unheard of here in Mexico.

Anonymous showed restrain but emailing its position instead of attacking EL DIARIO for slander.

Did a new trend just start?

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