domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Mexico's PRI Presidential Candidate "Speaking English" (English Video with English Subtitles)

PRI Presidential Candidate Enrique Peña Nieto
Speaking English

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO:  We, as Americans, are not the most savvy foreign language students in the world. When I was in Europe, in my younger years, I heard a joke:

"What do you call a person that speaks two languages? 
What do you call a person that speaks one language?
An American"

Nothing could be further from the truth.  However one thing is not knowing another language, which is a major fallacy in our educational system, and another is ATTEMPTING to speak in another language when you do not know it well enough in the diplomatic sector.  Daily, I watch hundreds of Mexicans, remember I live in Mexico, studying English in order to better their employment opportunities in Mexico. My respect goes out to them. 

Hence the case of the PRI's Presidential Candidate Enrique Peña Nieto, who seems on a mission to derail his presidential aspirations by continually putting his foot in his mouth with stupidities.

1. He could not correctly mention three books that he had read and had impacted his life - in a book fair.
2. He did not know Mexico's minimum salary in an interview.
3. He was unable to answer the question on the price of tortillas, which is a major part of the Mexican diet.
4. By mistake he posted condolences for the death of Former President Miguel de la Madrid as he was still on his death bed alive.

Now surfaces the video of Peña Nieto attempting to speak in English and the people, here in Mexico, are making it one more laughable episode on a man who is the heir apparent to the Mexican presidency.

Using a translator is not a sign of weakness, not using one demerits the message he wanted to convey.

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