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Reason why Americans should care about the killing of two college students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico

Video of the Student Riots in Ayotzinapa, Mexico

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: Regions of Mexico are powder kegs waiting for any spark to light it up. Mexicans have survived the economic woes of the last couple years but the sharpest thorn in the population's flesh is the environment of insecurity, whether if caused by the criminal cartels or conducted by the government under color of law.  

Such is the case of the college students from a teaching university in the state of Guerrero, who having asked for a meeting with the governor in order to voice their anger concerning misappropriation of funds, were ignored.  The college students decided to close a major highway in order to bring light on their cause. Immediately Guerrero state troopers arrived, federal agents arrived and even the Mexican Army showed up, remember Mexico is a powder keg.  

So what happened afterwards?

A few hours later two college students were shot and killed on the highway. 

Here is where this whole debacle starts.  At the beginning the Guerrero government stated that the students shot at their troopers; thus force was met with force.

Then the video above popped up where there is no evidence that the students ever had any firearms with them except the aerodynamic ones - rocks.  The video camera was part of the Guerrero highway system and it is clear evidence that the students did not attack the authorities.

The federal agents blamed the state troopers, the state troopers blamed the federal agents.  The only one that was not blamed was the Mexican army, who arrived late to the party.  Pictures surfaced in the last 24 hours where plain dressed "civilians" were shooting at the students, yet their posture looked para-military.  These people were shooting toward the students while standing next to the Guerrero state troopers.

These pictures have caused the Guerrero Governor to suspend the state attorney, the state director of security, and any other key positions related to what occurred on that highway.

The videos and the pictures are running non-stop in the Mexican media causing college students in Tlaxala to protest the killings, personally I believe other college students around the country will protest this incident as well.

So why should this matter to Americans back at home?

Mexico is a powder keg waiting for a spark to light it up - that is why we should care. 

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