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$300 Million Dollar Embezzlement in the Coahuila Government in Mexico

Javier Villareal - Former Coahuila State Treasure

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO:  Corruption is part of human nature and we Americans are not above it, but Mexico has an entire different standard of corruption from the rest of the world.  Case in point is the border state of Coahuila (with Texas) where a $300 million U.S. dollar embezzlement occurred in the state treasury.

If $300 million U.S. dollars seems an incredible sum imagine what it means in Mexico Pesos - 3 Billion in Mexican currency!

How can embezzlements such as these occur so openly?

It all happened under the Governorship of Humberto Moreira Valdes, who is now the President of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which is a clear front runner to returning to Presidential power. Conveniently, Humberto's brother - Ruben won the election for governor; thus making sure that any further corruption can be hidden. 

Former Coahuila Governor Humberto Moreira Valdes
Now President of the PRI Party

However, even $300 million dollars can not vanish in Mexico as an investigation began in order to find out who the thief was.

Yes, in Mexico they know the meaning of "SCAPEGOAT" it means "CHIVO EXPIATORIO" and the Moreira brothers found one, his name is Javier Villareal former Coahuila State Treasure.  He is being singled out as the person who "allegedly" falsified the signatures in order to divert the $300 million dollars to other accounts.

Javier Villareal was arrested this last week, however, Saturday morning at 7:00 am he posted bail and was released.  He keeps on maintaining his innocence even as five other government officials have been arrested in connection with the embezzlement.

The problem here is quite simple - this investigation will not touch former Governor Humberto Moreira Valdes as he leads his party in returning to Presidential power in the 2012 elections.

What did Humberto Moreira do with this money?

He practically purchased every radio station and newspaper in Coahuila.  The Moreira family now own the state by having the power to manipulate everything told about them even as brother Ruben Moreira is now the existing governor.

So how will the money be returned?

It will not, simply a loan was secured for Coahuila further indebting the state for the next 30 years.

If it isn't the drug cartels or the Zetas - it is the people's own state government.

Poor Coahuila.

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  1. poor coahuila is right. thank you john reed. love the name; we need another; insurgent mexico.