lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

600 Additional Mexican Army Troops arrive in Northeastern Tamaulipas

600 Additional Mexican Troops Arriving in Northeastern Tamaulipas

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: The Mexican Army is on the move again, according to the national press, in various parts of the country.  We reported during the weekend that 11th Military Zone in the border states of Durango and Coahuila are actively searching for Enrique "El Chapo" Guzman, but now it is the Northeastern State of Tamaulipas that is getting reinforcements.  Approximately 600 additional soldiers arrived this weekend in order to beef-up security.

The soldiers are members of the 105th Infantry Batallion and their mission is to launch search and destroy missions against the drug cartels as well as reinforce Federal Regulations on the ownership of weapons and firearms. It is believed that with these actions peace and tranquility can return to the area.

During the summer, a national newspaper reported that 40% of the state of Tamaulipas was under Zeta control - the government seeks to remedy that statistic soon.

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