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The Preisser's Family Hold on Chimalhuacan, Mexico (VIDEO)

The Preisser's Family Hold on Chimalhuacan

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: Every country has a family that has a powerful stronghold on a particular community that not even the state or federal governments can break down - Mexico is no exception. In a medium sized community in the state of Mexico (yes, there is a state in Mexico called Mexico) there is a town called CHIMALHUACAN and the Preisser family literally control it.

For the last 20-years the Preisser has controlled the schools, transportation, businesses and garbage facilities in Chimalhuacan.  Nothing moves without their authorization. The situation has reached the point where the town Mayor as well as its population requested the newly elected Governor Erubiel Avila to intervene and solve the problem.

Although the schools are public and free of charge, the Preisser family has taken over and placed their own teachers in order to receive a government salary.  These teachers often never attended college.  It is reported that several times these "teachers" go to work under the influence of alcohol.  The teachers that are legally working in the school system have to pay a monthly fee for working in this town.  Things got to the point where the people of the community stepped in to take over the schools from the grip of the Preisser family.

In the video above you can see of disturbances between this family and the parents of this town.

I do not want my readers to feel that I am Mexico bashing because I am not. As an American I have been well received by the Mexican people and I truly love this country or I would have already gone back home.  However one cannot ignore the fact that corruption is rampant in the country and although the federal government has tackled this problem head on, it will take several decades for the tide to turn. 

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