martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

The NYT errored by reporting that U.S. Intelligence has infiltrated Mexican Drug Cartels

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: I really don't get it sometimes. There is a full fledged drug war going on down here in Mexico where close to 50,000 people have died in it in the last 5-years, so why would the NEW YORK TIMES publish today that the U.S. has infiltrated the Mexican Drug Cartels?

Obviously this is not a leak from U.S. Intelligence, it was surely given to the New York Times, but this clearly demonstrates that the United States does not understand how things work down here in Mexico.

1. There is a natural mistrust from Mexicans and the Mexican government towards the United States. Why would they not? They lost 50% of their territories to us over 150 years ago. 

2. Mexicans do not like the idea of an American intervention in Mexico because in the past there were several of them.

Finally the Mexican government is feeling comfortable with American intelligence operating from their country and then the New York Times goes ahead and announces this to the world.

I read the articles of the Mexican press today concerning the article that was published in the New York Times - my verdict? .

The Mexican drug cartels also read the newspaper and they could decide that every American in the country is somehow connected with U.S Intelligence. 

The United States does not have to tell the world what it does.

This is not the time to gloat.

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