jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Can the Social Networks used in the ARAB SPRING bring down the Drug Cartels in Mexico?

John Reed

Reporting From Deep in Mexico: Twitter and Facebook were one of the main avenues of communication that the Arab people had at their disposal during this "ARAB SPRING" in order to bring down two despot dictators: Mubarak in Egypt and Ghadafi in Libya. The Social Networks were able to perform what the main media was unable due to governmental censorship and control - report the truth.

As an American living in Mexico, I often ask myself the question if the same thing could happen here in this country.  My answer is no, not yet. 

They reason the ARAB SPRING harvested success for the people of these oppressed country was because they were ready for it.  The people in Mexico are not ready for it as they believe the solution lays with the government.

However there are isolated cases, like the two teens in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas that decided to tweet about a criminal act they witnessed. A few days later there bodies were found lifeless hanging from a crossing bridge. 

On the guard rails there was a poster warning the people not to use the Social Networks to inform the world what was happening in Nuevo Laredo.

The message was received loud and clear by the Mexican people, however, if things continue the way they are, one day the people will have their own "Arab Spring" and when that day comes Mexico will be free.

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