viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

What the car bomb explosions in Monterrey teaches us

John Reed

Reporting From Mexico:  Yesterday it was an uncoordinated car bomb explosion, tomorrow it could be a deadly explosion with lots of collateral damage. The picture you see above is the aftermath of a car explosion in Monterrey, Mexico when a convoy of Mexican soldiers were chasing some cartel members down a street.  Once the soldiers passed a parked vehicle loaded with explosives, it blew up.

The person that detonated the bomb took a split second to long, thus missing the soldiers.  However what this episode teaches us is that the cartels are establising escape routes throughout the city with car filled explosives in order to kill whichever law enforcement is following them.

In the last year cartels have been using car bombs more often.

What is next, bombing government buildings?

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