lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

ANONYMOUS retracts its threat against the Zetas in Mexico, they cancel #OpCartel

John Reed

Reporting From Mexico:  Today Anonymous retracted its threat on the Zeta's Organization, thus cancelling the #Opcartel trend.  The news was reported first here in Mexico by Mileno Noticias, I was actually in a health club working out when I heard the news. I tried obtaining confirmation to the news story and it was sure hard to get:
Two Anonymous members actually spoke with Mileno Noticias, there names are GlynissParoubek y Skill3r, stateing the reason they backed down from the threat was because innocent lives were going to pay the price as copy cat organizations, on personal vendettas could post pictures of people who are not Zetas.  The risk was simply greater than when they tackle other organizations.

I just wonder what the Zetas thought about this entire incident.

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