sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011

The last safest border between Coahuila and Texas might not be no more

Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila Mexico
(Border City with Del Rio, Texas)

John Reed

Reporting From Mexico: I rarely get to go back home to Texas but two days ago I decided to visit my parents in San Angelo, I decided to go through what I perceived was the safest border along the United States and Mexico - Ciudad Acuna, which is no longer safe. As I crossed the international bridge, the Mexican Military had shut down the main entrance street called Hidalgo Street.

As I passed Allende street there was a mega task force presence of army and "federales" as one of the casinos in town was surrounded.  Some people told me that there had been a shoot out in downtown but nothing that I could not confirm.

As I spent the evening in town, numerous people told me that this Monday the Mexican Marines would be arriving in town.  What surprised me was how many people knew something that you would think only the military would know.

I had to leave to Saltillo and on my way south but I left Acuna feeling that some sort of battle for the city was about to occur.

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