miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

The Iranian Plot reads like a Tom Clancy Book - I'm not buying it

John Reed

Reporting From Mexico - I simply don't get it. Yesterday the U.S Government informed the world about an alleged terror plot between Iran and a hired hitman from "Los Zetas" to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador in the United States as well as hitting the Israeli Embassy.

The Justice Department itself stated that this read like a Hollywood script.

This smells like Tom Clancy, John Grishom and Star Trek all rolled into one. However what concerns me the most is what Americans did not see on television yesterday that Mexicans did see in Mexico.

NBC reported the about the plot but never placed a single Mexican official on television explaining the Mexican part of the operation. Here in Mexico, in powerhouse TELEVISA, there was a press conference by the PROCURADURIA DE LA REPUBLICA and SECRETARIA DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES, the equivalent of the Justice and State Department where they explained the Mexican part of the involvement.

The Mexicans stated that the United States informed them about two Iranians that were trying to contact a Cartel.  The Mexicans also reported that they were aware that a U.S. Official posing as a Cartel member would meet with one of the Iranians in Reynosa, Tamaulipas (other news agencies in the U.S. report that it was a DEA informant and not an agent).  In the press conference they also affirmed that they knew when one of the Iranians was going to land in Mexico City after a financial exchange had already been conducted.

The Mexican Press Conference reported that once the Iranian landed in Benito Juarez International Airport, he was escorted to another plane where Mexican agents along with American authorities were waiting.

The plane then took off to the United States.

O.k. let's say all that was said was true. I have some questions.

1. Why would the Iranians want this particular Saudi Ambassador in the United States dead?
2. Why would U.S. authorities state that an informant in LOS ZETAS cartel was used for this operation, do we really want them to know that they were infiltrated?
3. With all the corruption in the Mexican government do we really believe that they could have kept such a secret?

I am sorry but I am not buying this novel or paying the price of a movie ticket to watch this crap, not even of Antonio Banderas plays Calderon and Denzel Washington plays Obama.

This simply smell as special ops from our friends in the CIA.

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