martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

The PRI sure barked on Sunday with Calderon's interview with the New York Times but come Monday - No Bite

John Reed

Reporting From Deep Inside of Mexico:  Mexican politics never cease to amaze.  This past Sunday the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) was foaming in the mouth over statements made by Mexican President Felipe Calderon to the New York Times.  Calderon stated that if the PRI won the 2012 Presidential Elections, they would pact a peace deal with the drug cartels.

The PRI had a spasm attack by stating that they would sue the President in the I.F.E. (Federal Election Institute) for attempting to manipulate public perception prior to an electrion.

Well, 48 hours has passed since the PRI foamed in the mouth and spasmed - they have taken no legal action against Calderon. 

Guess what?

Nothing is going to happen.

The PRI, today, has requested the Calderon Government not to get involved in electorial matters, but rather that he stick to governing:

Nevertheless, by the PRI not going the distance against the President it clearly demonstrates that they, as a party, have several skeletons in their closet.  If the PRI is not planning to pact with the drug cartels, or has not pacted in the past with these criminal organization, why not take Calderon on through the court system like they threatened on Sunday?

Just because the Mexican people stay silent about the past does not mean they are ignorant about it.

FACT: the PRI did pact with the drug cartels between the 70's through the 90's, if they had not, this country would not be suffering those effects.

The PRI has a good bark, but no bite.

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