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ANONYMOUS against kidnapping and rape on Mexican Highways, the will launch #OpCarreterasSeguras

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: A few days ago we reported about an ongoing twitter trend that I had been observing. It is called #Opcarreterasseguras ("Operation Safe Roads" translation in English).  I had visited the official site for this operation anonmediablitzcenter.blogspot.com in order to understand what this particular "Anonymous" operation was about.  

This afternoon the following press release was posted in English, the first one since each prior article was in Spanish.

If there were any doubts what #opcarreterasseguras was about, now you know. "Anonymous" is going to war on behalf of Mexican and Latin American bus passengers that are being raped and kidnapped by the criminal organizations, most of it under the uncaring eye of the Mexican government and financially motivated bus companies.

The following is the press release you can find:


Press Release by ANONYMOUS concerning #OpCarreterasSeguras


November 2011

We inform the international press that ANONYMOUS on December 10, 2011 will launch #OpCarreterasSeguras. The team leader for this ANONYMOUS OP is @SpyPeople (twitter username).  Its objective is to bring awareness to the thousands of kidnappings, murders and rapes that bus passenger fall prey to by organized crime elements on Mexican highways.

Although we realize that Mexico is facing a current crises, derived from its own internal issues, this does not dissolve the responsibility of the Federal Government and the Bus Companies from protecting those passengers that travel on its highways. The insurance companies that service the bus industry is also a culprit in this particular situation.

Therefore, ANONYMOUS from several countries starting with Mexico, Latin America and Spain will unite to remind the authorities and the bus companies that regardless of internal strife, their duty is to protect and insure the safety of ALL CITIZENS.

ANONYMOUS provides the following evidence of the kidnappings and rapes that are occuring in Mexican highways reported by the mainstream media.

Evidence #1

Evidence #2

Evidence #3

Evidence #4

Evidence #5

In the next few days, members of the media will be contacted through email, fax and phone to keep you informed on #OpCarreterasSeguras.

We are LEGION...
We do not FORGIVE...
We  do not FORGET...

Expect us.

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