viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

So now that the Anonymous hacker in Veracruz has been released, what is next?

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: "All is well that ends well," is the common cliche and so it seems for the ANONYMOUS hacker that was released by the ZETAS in the last 24 hours in Veracruz.  It was reported that although he was somewhat roughed up, the hacker was in good health, but he was released with a warning according to the group.

In the last 24 hours I have received TWEETS from readers stating that this entire episode is fictional and not true, that the ZETAS never kidnapped one of ANONYMOUS' hackers.  I even got a TWEET saying that if Mexicans want to report any criminal activity they should call or send an email to the Mexican Army since they are the only ones equipped to handle this sort of situation. I am not one to tell the Mexican people what to do or not to do, this is their country and they themselves will have to deal with their own issues.
But back to the main question, if in fact the hacker was released what is next? Does ANONYMOUS continue in the fight? Do the Zetas seek retaliation?

If in fact this episode never happened what will be next?

Physics teaches us that for every action there is an equal reaction.

Hard to say where this entire episode will end, but we will be following with interest.

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