lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Anonymous will launch #OpCarreterasSeguras on December 10th, but what is it?


John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO: I spend several hours a day on the Internet in order to learn not what the media is saying but rather what the media is not reporting.  Two days ago I came across the following site:

What caught my attention about the site was that the moderator AnonPrelations (@anonprelations for those that or twitter addicts) wrote about a new ANONYMOUS operation named #OpCarreterasSeguras.  I noticed something different in his article, from the others, it provided evidence based on main stream media reporters of atrocities being committed on Mexican highways.

Passenger buses to be exact: 

1. Exhibit 1.

2. Exhibit 2.

The moderator stated that everyday he would provide a new evidence exhibit.  I am researching more on this operation but for what I can interpret, it is designed to bring attention to rapes, kidnappings and killings on Mexican passenger buses.

As the research streams in I will share it with our readers.

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