viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

Francisco Blake Mora, although dead, was not just an "Interior Minister", in Mexico that makes you 2nd in Command

Francisco Blake Mora - Former Interior Minister
(Equivalent to Vice-President of Mexico)

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO:  When the foreign media reported today the death of Francisco Blake Mora, although he was the Interior Minister in Mexico that position is equivalent in the United States to that of Vice President.

We all know that people die everyday, but two Mexican "Vice Presidents" in the last 36 months?  The second Interior Minister also died in 2008.

Both died in Aircraft "accidents"?

Strange isn't.

Blake's Helicoper Wreakage

There will be numerous conspiracy theorists going ape about this latest death, but something is clear, part of the job description of a Mexican Interior Minister is to implement the President's drug war.  Two Vice Presidents that were in charge of this drug war are now dead.


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