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Barrett Brown openly declares his fight against the Zetas through Anonymous, but why?

Barrett Brown

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO:  Who is Barrett Brown and why in the world would he publically announce to the world that he will be rejoining ANONYMOUS in order to fight against the ZETAS?

My answer would be twofold: He is from Texas and I really do not know why.  I mean "why" as I do not know why he would publically state he would take on the ZETAS, not why he is from Texas. 

Barrett Brown came to my attention through a CNN interview he gave announcing that he was joining #OpCartel.  You can read the interview in the following link:

I admire the fact that Barrett Brown is taking a stance on an issue that is as important not only for Mexicans but also for our own people in the United States. But what concerns me is that he does not fully understand the danger that he faces by taking such a public position.  He quoted the following after CNN asked him about fear for his personal safety:

"I don't feel I should be. I should have the right and the ability as someone who is a fairly public person to work to ID criminals in a foreign country without having to worry about being murdered.  Both my grandfathers were bombers in World War II (and) they killed innocent people and did it with less information. I'm more confident about the ratio. I'd be surprised if many people (in the e-mails) were incorrect," he said.

Barrett Brown does not seem to understand that his open defiance to the ZETAS places him in danger. Living in the United States does not assure safety. I speak from experience as I have lived in Zeta controlled territory here in Mexico and they are a different form of organized crime.

I pray godspeed on Barrett Brown's but he should have kept his intentions anonymous.  There is a thin line between bravery and bravado.

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