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Whether a U.S. Navy Helicopter crossed illegally or not into Matamoros, Mexico is not the question

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John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO:  I was reading several tweets when I came across one from Sergio Chapa from, who is one of my followers, about the possibility that an American Helicopter might have crossed illegally into Matamoros, Mexico.

Although as an American living in Mexico, I am not close to the U.S. Border in order to investigate this lead.  However, I did research on the Internet this incident and could not find any other news piece written on this situation.  Sergio Chapa does provide twitter evidence that some chatter about this incident did occur.

Mr. Chapa does share with his readers that he got in touch with the U.S. Naval Base, but they also denied the report.  Regardless of whether this incident did or did not happen, I believe it did happen.

But the question is not whether the U.S. Navy Helicopter crossed or not but when will additional American forces follow suit.

Ever since the "Iranian Terror Plot" was announced by the U.S. Government a few weeks ago, I have invested numerous hours monitoring TWITTER and several news agency wires. I have come to a conclusion: the U.S. is preparing to escalate its involvement in Mexico.

What is my evidence?

Before I share my opinion, I am not stating that a greater involvement in Mexico is right or wrong, that is not for me to decide, however, there are numerous issues that must be taken into account before such an operation is conducted.

Here is my evidence.

1. The C.I.A. is currently operating in Mexico from an undisclosed military base along with U.S. Military personnel who are on private company payroll.  This information was released by the New York Times in August.

2. UNIVISION, the leading Spanish language television network in the United States reports that the ZETAS and the Cartel del Golfo control the drug flow in 17 counties in Texas.

3. The "IRANIAN TERRORIST PLOT" where the U.S. Government ties Iran with the Zetas has caused an outcry for further border security, but in doing so it has elevated the Zetas to a position of international fame, which it did not have until now. Today, the following article was published in a newspaper in California stating that the U.S./Mexico border should be closed.

4. About 3-hours ago a story hit the wires that 4-former Colombian Army specialist were training the ZETAS.  This is part of the CIA public relations campaing for escalation in Mexico. If the American public is convinced that the ZETAS are more than a cartel, but a menace to the national security - you have an excuse for escalation. Someone forgot to clarify that the ZETAS were former Mexican Special Forces TRAINED by the United States.

I believe that the CIA is operating in Mexico in intelligence gathering operations. I believe the CIA is also busy at home deseminating information and preparing the population for further escalation. 

You will notice in the next couple of days and weeks the enormous amount of "news items" that will be showing up on the internet concerning "Zetas this and Zeta that".  Someone in Langely, Virgina is running the show and getting ready to hype everyone up so that an escalation of U.S forces in Mexico is almost demanded by the American public.

Therefore it would not surprise me if a U.S. Navy helicopter did in fact cross to Matamoros, Mexico for whatever reason.  It is my belief that by 2014, Mexico will see more U.S. presence on this side of the Rio Grande.

You can count on it.

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