lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Information about me and why I live in Mexico

John Reed

REPORTING FROM MEXICO:  I want to thank our 2,600 visitors as my blog has been operational for only two weeks.  I really appreciate our readers! If you have noticed, I have shared very little about myself due to security reasons since I live in Mexico.  I will try to share some information about myself with you my readers. 

I have been in Mexico approximately close to a decade.
I live in between central and northern Mexico.
I consult for American companies doing business in Mexico.
I speak fluent Spanish
I moved here from the Midwest
I own a house here in Mexico
I live in Zeta controlled territory
John Reed is my pen name due to safety concerns

This is basically all I can say about myself.  Concerning what I have learned here in Mexico and what I believe:

I support the Mexican drug war
I support the Felipe Calderon administration
I support the Mexican Army and Marine forces
I believe that if the PRI wins the Presidential elections they will truce with the cartels
In order to win this war the Mexican military must be completely unleashed

This is basically who I am and I apologize for not being able to share more, however, the must important question should be:

Why am writing in this blog?

I am in a unique position to share my viewpoints deep in the heart of Mexico as I have front row seat to what is happening in this drug war.

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